Are you trapped in your business or career?

Are you are a smart, ambitious professional? You know, the one that gets all the right things in her career, great grades, right college, Fortune 500 job, working hard to climb the ranks?

Or are you the one with the successful business, but you’re starting to feel disconnected with the work that you do?

Both people have the trappings of outward success. Sometimes you even feel like an imposter and fear that everyone is going to find out that you are actually a FRAUD?

Maybe you dread the office politics and watching your dream projects die by endless reviews and revisions that turn them into initiatives that have no chance of really making a difference.

Or you have built yourself a business that does not reflect  your values, purpose and lifestyle choices? You have created a monster that you once loved and now you can’t stand.

Maybe you feel like you have all these amazing ideas, something creative, perhaps adventurous like starting a new business or teaching cooking, but you are afraid to leave the security. Fear of the unknown and of the future is so overwhelming that you just stay exactly where you are; physically, emotionally and financially.

I know people like this. A lot of my friends are like this. You know, the ones who want to make a change, have talked about it for years, but are too afraid to actually make it happen. You look at your colleagues who feel energized and motivated, and you feel so out of place.

Well if you are looking to more to be able to find the courage to do what your heart tells you to do, you need to check out our 14 Day FREE Fear Challenge.

Have you felt like this? What have you done? Or what are you doing to feel untrapped in your job and career?

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