Trust Yourself

“Trust yourself
Trust yourself to do the things that only you know best
Trust yourself
Trust yourself to do what’s right and not be second-guessed
Don’t trust me to show you beauty
When beauty may only turn to rust
If you need somebody you can trust, trust yourself”

Trust Yourself, Bob Dylan

We follow rules set by our parents, teachers and the rest of our environment. Not making our own decision makes it easy for us to doubt ourselves.

Every one of us is special yet our unique gifts are rotting because of the lack of confidence, self worth and self-esteem. We will never reach our potential, unless we value our abilities.

For our vitality, we shouldn’t let the mind chatter distract us from listening to what we feel is right. Only we know what is best for ourselves. Our body is a great resource that once we are in sync, it is like a transcendental form of self care.

Being in tune with our body not only can prevent injury or illness, but can help us identify our own healing process and ensure that we are living in the moment.

Doubting ourselves may damage the perception that people have of us, leading to a lack of trust we are willing to place in others. If we don’t trust ourselves, how can we expect to trust others or have people place trust in us?

The solution is to trust yourself and accept your own choices, thoughts and expressions. Trust is so powerful that if you focus your energy on it, it will not only impact our growth but ultimately your well-being as well. The process is invigorating as you realize that instead of looking for trust, you actually have the potential to find it within. It must be applied and incorporated. Trust Yourself!

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