4 Ways Your inner critic is messing up your Sales Chats

Do you want to close more sales?
Do you have a hard time talking prospect through how they can hire you?
Do you want to sound confident on your sales chats?

One of the biggest blocks that stop entrepreneurs and freelancers from closing more sales is a little voice, you know the one I am talking about. The one that tells you that “You don’t know enough” or “Who do you think you are to charge that?” or “Who are you to grow your business?”

You are not alone.

Everyone has their own inner critic reminding them that you are not good enough. Harvard Professor Susan David calls it the “impostor phenomenon” and the biggest problem is that most of us try to suppress or ignore our inner critic instead of getting to know it.

Today I am going to share with you 4 ways your inner critic is getting in your way to closing more sales!

1. “I am not good enough”:

Before most of us embark on our entrepreneurial ventures, we either spend time in college or in jobs where we spend an average of 8-12 hours a day working with colleagues.

That shift from working out of our homes amplifies our quiet time. This quiet time allows us to hear more of what our inner critic is telling us, which typically is a thousand and one reason why we are not good enough.

Now those thoughts and that constant questioning of yourself doesn’t end when its quiet, as you get on a sales chat, it becomes louder. This makes it difficult to close sales because instead of listening to your prospect you are listening to your inner critic.

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2. You are not booking ANY sales calls

The second worst thing to letting your inner critic get in the way of closing more sales calls is letting your inner critic convince you NOT to have any sales calls.

As a result instead of building a predictable sales cycle  you may fall for the trap “If you build it, they will come”…. That’s why you spend time building your website, your about page, your backend service delivery process or doing this next mistake.

Instead of building client intake systems, when prospects email you, you procrastinate to respond back to them.

Then you get embarrassed to respond because you know its been way too long.

3. I need to learn to build a business before I sell my services

Another common way you let your inner critic gets in the way of you closing more sales. Instead of focusing on selling, you let your inner critic remind you “I need to go back to school” or “I need to learn this” or “I need to read that book” all essentially to make yourself more legitimate.

You start to avoid selling by telling yourself, you need to take that one more course, or once you have hired a designer and branding expert or copywriter to have your perfect website.

Instead of building sales confidence you procrastinate because your inner critic is scared to say I am enough and I can do this.  To help you I have put together my FREE 10-day sales confidence challenge

The Sales Action Truth Bombs:

When you first your happy customers will probably have a lot more confidence in your ability than I did. Start small and do some 1-3 pro bono clients, or have lower prices until you build your sales confidence. As you progress in your business, you will learn that these insecurities are growing pains of being out of your comfort zone.

There is no point of beating yourself up, instead focusing on and learn how to master your sales conversations

I would love to hear from you.

How does your inner critic hold you back from closing more sales? In what other ways does your inner critic hold you back?

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