Stories are powerful, not only because people love hearing them, but because they are a crucial tool for learning about values, strengthening bonds, helping us reminisce of good experiences. When I was a kid I preferred stories over spending time with people. They were less complicated and I loved being immersed into the world of tales, learning about people who had the ability to dream and create change.
Even though stories are amazing tool for learning, they are sometimes used for people to bond over idle matters. To build a sense of belonging of having access to information and labeling ourselves into the categories of the “us” and “them” groups.

I remember a religious class, where I learnt about Islam perspective of false storytelling, which is one of the most evil things that pave the way for women to hell (also referred to as backbiting). It doesn’t contribute positively to society, instead it gives temporary satisfaction of knowing what was the latest topics of other people.
People who spend their time talking about others, spend less time on ensuring that they become the best of their potential. We all have the potential to do and be LEGENDARY, lets focus on building our own potential. Lets spend developing our skills, our passions, our dreams instead of speaking of others.
As a final food for thought taking the time to answer one of my favorite questions “what is your story”.
“If you Dream it,
Believe it,
You will See it”- Yasmine Khater

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