In my bedroom there is a big red chest full of old favorite books and many memories. Yesterday i was feeling nostalgic and I ended up finding my diary which I had when I was fifteen. It was so funny how much you can grow in just a couple of years. My little brother Ibrahim is fifteen now.

My diary also included my phase when I used to write poetry, and i just wanted to share this poem which i quite enjoyed re-reading. It’s a simple poem, but its makes me feel good reading it. Its called “Can”

Can life exist if death didnt?
Can love exisit without broken hearts?
Can peace be something is war wasn’t?
Can happiness exist without sorrow?
Can there be belief, without disbelieves?
Can blessing be something, if sinning wasn’t?
Can one win if no one loses?
Can one be right, if no one is wrong?
Can you really experience one an not the other?

I have become obessesd with Bob Sinclar, and this songs “World hold on” and “Love Generation”. I truely believe in this generation where music is religion, artists can be preachers.

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