What’s life without my mom?

I have always been daddy’s little girl and even though he is not around I most likely will continue to be so. I grew up not having a strongest relationship with my mother, at many times not being able to relate to her and taking what she did for granted. She never seemed to be able to do anything I wanted right.

Through time, exposure and a little bit growing up made me realize that my mother is a remarkably strong woman who instilled in me great values. Without her foundation, love and support I wouldnt be who I am today. With that, I realized all the conflicts, frustrations and hopes that she had done things differently seemed irrelevant.

Our parents especially our mothers are special in their own ways, and at times its hard to understand their actions but its their imperfection which makes each of our journeys more perfect.

To all the woman who have contributed to my growth, much love and respect.

Happy Mothers Day and continue to water your children with love and support

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