Which book am I on?

I am missing my dear friend Waleed’s wedding in Cairo next month and he made me feel so guilty, because I want to be there, but I can’t.

I thought of how fortunate I am to have met all these wonderful people in my life, from school, university, exchanges, AIESEC and now living in Singapore. In a way I thought of how unfortunate that time limits the opportunities to keep in touch, and be there with them for their bad times and celebrate their good times.

Yesterday, I had a great heart to heart with my friend Mai and she shared her perspective. She said no matter the size of the encounter, everyone comes into our lives for a reason. Their interactions impact us and contribute to a chapter in our book. Sometimes the characters no longer has a role but their presence will be remember.

I looked at my life and rich experiences and decided one book was just not good enough. I have libraries of amazing people who make up who I am today. Thank you for your contribution 🙂

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