Canada, is really a melting point of many different cultures. I love the fact that I meet people from all over the world, and today at work, I spoke to two women one from Zambia and the other was Kenyan. They both had such a strong love for their country.

Although they were very different, they had a lot in common. For the base, they both left home and didn’t want to go back. For me this is a theme, that alot of people I meet here share. I started to wonder what would make you want to leave your homeland, I asked them.

In response, there was such a silence, and overall they agreed it was horrible to give up on your country but in reality there was nothing for them back home. I wondered if it was naive to think that you could contribute to changing the situation, maybe its way to political, maybe its too corrupted and the lack of infrastructure makes it impossible to do so.

I can not judge because its not my place to do so, however, with the people who have given up hope, there are many who continue to fight. I look back at this summer when I was in the YES program and meeting all the people from various countries including Cynthia and Leo who were doing great things for this country. In addition to the people I met both in Ghana and Kenya, Harold, Iram, Letoya, Miano, who although they were frustrated with their country, they still had HOPE..

I hope everyone has a better future and allow themselves to dream and go after them.

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