Wicked Beginnings: Actions are transformational

I am so high… high on life, high from food, high from opportunities that haven’t even happened and most certainly high on laughter. These past weeks have been nothing other than a laughter feast where my housemate Carol and I are addicted to life’s cheapest, most contagious and effective stress reliever.

To make things better, I once heard of a Native American saying, that the way you celebrate your new years is the way your year will spam out. The laughter was transitioned into intense discussion about following your passion and the fireworks that transformed the Singapore skyline. This year will truly be magical.

2010 helped me a lot in terms of finding clarity in what I wanted to do and where I wanted to focus my energy. Who would have thought that I already knew what I want to do?

I want to create transpirals everywhere I go.

Although I hate when something comes to an end, I believe it opens the doors to endless opportunities. Its often great to take time to reflect and set some areas of focus for the first 3-6 months of your year and set clear deadlines of when they will happen. Thought I would share my six month goals for 2011.

  • Set up Transpiral(March) and become a certified ACC(June)
  • Run my first Marathon(April)
  • Learn to speak Spanish(June)
  • Look forward to hearing some of your goals and celebrating successes for this year 🙂

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