Looking back at 2008, with all the ups and downs it has never-the-less been a fantastic year. Recaping the year..

Start of the year with Susu, Omar, Selma and Marcus at the lovely surreal red sea in Dahab. Then spending it with my favorite girls on the slopes of the Alps and having a near to death experience, but discovering Hundertwasser and Sacher cake…. Falling in love with Prague and visiting Linda and Leyla in Budapest.

Making my daddy proud finally a graduate! The best graduation outing….. 😛 You know it Naz and Raz

Birthday Month, not much of a celebration, but visiting Tunisia and enjoying my last AIESEC conference…. Reunion time with Siwar and Ameni…Gannat, Captain Hariri, Cosmo Boy, Dolly and the rest of the faci team and delegates you totally rocked

Wow… badabing, badabom… life is tough, family comes first.. I am in Singapore… WTF… I found a job…

IQPC experience begins… I cant believe I have entered the corporate world…. Energy Market on a bomb… early signs of recession…

My baby brother is graduating high school… Menna has tied the knot, lovely reunion with Salma and baby Lina… Jou jou first bday.. he turns one…

Rainforest music forest in Borneo… partying in the rainforest knees into mudd…. and seeing the orangutan reserves… One year has gone by since my father… God rest his soul.. finally finished FPSO Asia… first conference ever…

Reunion with Farah, Sarah, Rhea and Ingrida… Partying it up…. WOW Reunion…. Akino ties the knot and we travel across the globe to see her big day…

Reunion with Xiaomin, China, Hong Kong, massage, and disney land

End of my Life in IQPC, HSE Risk Management is over, go on a magical get a way in Perhentian Islands, Mai comes to visit, Vimal and I embark on our first travel adventure to Vietnam….

Back to Cairo, seeing my top three loves and family, friends and loved ones…… Operation Success, Malak and Shereif got engaged..

What a lovely way to spend the rest of the year…In Tajikistan they believe the way you spend your new years is the way your year will turn out.. and I am sure that 2009 will be FABULOUS….. Live life as if its your last day…Remember that at the beginning of every year we open up a new book, with empty pages and as we are the authors of our books strive to create beautiful opportunities for yourself… Be kind to those around you and never underestimate the power of a smile…

Be FABULOUS in 2009 and may all your dreams comes through, but if they dont just remember that something better will come along.. I look forward to many more reunions and adventures in the year to come..

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