3 Mindset Shifts to Double Your Business

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Have you ever wanted to know what do I have to do to get my mindset in the right place to double my business growth each and every year?

These past 5 months, I have been blown away by how successful my business has already been this year.

Not only have I had an opportunity to work with some of the smartest entrepreneurs in the world — both in the Earn 5K program and in my VIP program.

And…. I have loved how all my clients are excited about the opportunity grow just as much as I do.

I have a lot gotten to hang out with many of my clients in New York, Toronto, Seattle and Vancouver which is INSANELY AWESOME!

I wanted to share with you my top 3 reflections….

1. Give Yourself a Break & Celebrate Your Success

As a recovering perfectionist I know how hard it for most people to give ourselves a break, we are seriously our own worst enemy.

Years ago I would have felt guilty to take 6 weeks off because I felt that was a luxury.

But I am human. I get tired just like you. Because our business growth sometimes come with unexpected struggles of life. Several of my family members are currently struggle with cancer, Alzheimer and heart problems.

And I am a care giver which is exhausting.

So I used to look at other people who were crushing it and think I am not doing enough. But we all have to give ourselves a break.

The reality sometimes life throws us curve balls.

Whether its because you are lacking sleep because you are baby keeps crying all through the night, someone struggling with a health problem or you’re going through an major transition. Give yourself a break.

Because if we don’t take care of ourselves we can’t show up and be there for our clients and our friends and family.

trip2That’s why I went to celebrate a major milestone of turning 30 by joining my childhood friends for our 2.5 week #big30roadtrip… which you totally have see some of our crazy photos on Instagram.

Because I needed to give myself a break…. Just like many of you, I tend to be my own worst enemy.

So taking a step back has been crucial for myself to get more level headed and more balanced is better off for my business.

So for you, have you given yourself a break? Have you taken a step back and given yourself a pat on the back on how far you have you come and acknowledge the massive steps that you have taken.

And that brings me to my second key reflection..


2. Show up and Do the work even when you are afraid…

The past 5 months I have made nearly as much income of what I made in 2014!

That’s kind of insane because last years goal seemed impossible for two years. But as I make more income, I also know that I need to invest more into my business to improve the experience for my clients.

My biggest reflection was the reason why it’s worked is that I show up even when I am afraid.

A lot of times people will give you dumb advise saying feel the fear and do it anyway. But that’s bogus.

You can’t underplay that fear is real.

But for me its about diving deep and understanding where the fear come from and how can I work towards making small steps so that I am comfortable to make things happen.

We can hide behind desks, pretending to be busy working, working on our website, our strategy, getting comfortable with sales but unless we show up and do the work.

We don’t build out fearless muscle, get uncomfortable and give our business and ourselves the space to grow.

My business doubles every year because I grow, I invest the time, money and a lot of energy to get uncomfortable.

So how do you do that… that brings us to our third and final key reflection…

3. You can’t build an empire alone

A lot of times we think we need to do the whole business things alone.

But you don’t.

I have invested to work with some excellent people and made amazing friends. Friends who who don’t judge the emotional breakdowns, who are my biggest cheerleader rooting for my success and looking forward to joining me on my journey.

And there would be no way to end my trip by being in Kitchener with 12 entrepreneurs while we are being recorded for #conquercamp, one of my favorite communities of women ever.


Because building an empire is not a quick thing and doing it alone would be no fun…  So here’s to HAVING A BLAST! It’s one of the big reasons that I began my business in the first place, to have fun!

Now for this week, I would love you to leave a comment and let me know what’s your biggest reflection that you have had since starting your empire.

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