5 Things that Hold You Back from Earning 5K Consistently

5 things that are holding you backI have got a question for you?

Do you ever feel that you self sabotage your business?

Ever wonder if you have some limiting beliefs around making money?

Or if they these thoughts are just in your head?

You’re here in for a treat today, because you are going to learn about 7 blocks that hold you back from earning 5k consistently every month and how to fix them.

The truth a lot of people struggling financially and a lot of people don’t.

But why do some people struggle?

Alot of it has to do with invisible scripts that we are unconscious of and these scripts affect everyone even the most successful people.

So let’s dive into the first block!

Block Number 1: Not having the right support system

Now to illustrate my point, this weekend I was leading an awesome retreat in gorgeous Indonesia with some of the great minds some of whom are running multiple million dollar businesses and before they mapped out their next 12 months goals.

I ran a session around excuses and now these are accomplished empire builders said they said they use every excuse in the book all the time.

But the difference is they have learnt to develop support system in order for them to thrive.

The people who struggle depend on willpower, and guess what, relying on willpower doesn’t work.

And scientists have proven that we only have 15 minutes where we can control our will power and then emotions, distractions come and temptations happen.

So how do we fix this, you need to invest in finding a support group, invest in masterminding, retreats and courses like our Earn 5K course to be able have the right system to support them achieve their goals because our willpower won’t support us.

Now lets dive into block 2

Block 2: How does your invisible scripts shape your money story?

We have been influenced by our parents, our teachers or society. These influences ingrain into us how we see the world.

Perhaps like family, I always heard that “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, or “You need to work really hard to earn money” or “You shouldn’t want to be rich because people with money are greedy.”

But all these scripts, money beliefs or money lies are bullshit but the first thing to be aware.

This year I had my first 30k month, and last year I was having 10k months but the year before that I was making less than 500 dollars a month in my business.

I am the same person and yes I have learnt a lot of things to help me grow my business, but the main shift was getting comfortable with money.  When I first started I was obsessing about credit card bills, traveling costs I stop being creative and was focused on more dramaville thoughts.

I had to change how I saw money, for I had to start seeing money as value creation as a tool to create change.

Now for you, if you want to Earn 5K, start to list our three things your clients value when they hire you. Build that fearless muscle where we start to value ourselves and realize that we are creating impact.

Now lets dive into block 3

Block 3: I am not good with sales and marketing

Now the truth is that you may not be amazing at sales and marketing, but these are skills and they can all be learnt.

As our beliefs become our actions, when we think I am not good with marketing and sales we avoid taking the steps to become better.

Whether you are going to dive into my free 10 Day Earn 5K bootcamp and start to learn about sales and practicing having more sales conversation or whether it’s having a webinar and practicing pitching.

Now lets dive into block 4

Block 4:  You are not sold about what you are offering

Now similar to the last block, I know that when you start a business that you believe in yourself, but do you believe in the difference that your product or service makes?

Are you willing to pay what you are asking?

Now if your product or service are not selling and if you wouldn’t pay what your asking, then how can you ask someone else to pay on that value?

You are the number one sale that you have to make. You have to believe in your product or service so much.

Now if you don’t have to be 100% confident in your offer at the beginning. But offer an introductory price which you feel would be a steal and start to communicate the value.

The more you do that the more confidence you will grow and you will soon realize that you more and more sold on the impact of your offer.

Now lets dive into block 5

Block 5: Your Sales Cycle is not allowing you to Make 5K Consistently

One of the blocks that most small business owners struggle with is packaging. They simply have a business model which won’t allow them to make the 5K.

Now it’s basic math and you play around with my favorite tool that I have built for you the Profit Calculator.

When you are first starting out it’s better to have higher priced offers, because you will only require a few paying customers to get profitable quickly.

But this often means higher-touch service and high-touch sales, and not everyone likes sales. So they spent hours of their time working on things that won’t bring in the revenue.

So something to think about is how much time are you spending working on activities that are focused on marketing and sales?

A Question to You:

Which one of these blocks are holding you back from Earning 5K consistently? And what is one action step that you will take to push through it?


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9 thoughts on “5 Things that Hold You Back from Earning 5K Consistently

  1. I like the new look Yasmin! Good stuff! A support system is vital, keeping accountability. You also have to really believe in what you are doing to give it energy and to keep going. Too often people don’t see results soon enough, or it feels like a chore so give up. Maybe that’s the right thing to do.. a longer term view is key too. The numbers are something I have to say I have written down but dont look at daily..oops!

  2. Great post Yasmine! I really appreciated this line: “You are the number one sale that you have to make.” So true!!

  3. So much of this hit home for me. My main block is support, I am a bit of a loner, figure I can do it all on my own. I’ve been learning that willpower alone will not get me through. Definitely something I need to focus on.

  4. Oh yes Yasmine! Great post. My main block is support. I am so used to doing it all alone…and um…gee, burn out and doesn’t sustain too well. I really needed to see what I already know…find a master mind group for me!

    1. @Jul’s Arthur:disqus this is one of the most common ones, I saw the major shifts when i allowed accountability into my life. If you are interested in having a chat, I run Empire Mastermind once a year and we open up applications in November

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