6 Reasons Why Your Business is not booking enough clients

6 Reasons Why Your Business is NOT Booking Enough ClientsHave you been wondering why you are not booking enough clients?

Do you want to know how to sell out your services?

Do you secretly desire to have a long waiting list of people dying to work with you?

I could write a book of all the reasons I see why this has not happened for you yet. But today I’ll share the top 6 reasons.

Are you ready to discover what’s stopping you from selling out your service?

Let’s dive in:

  1. You have nothing to sell

Maybe you are spending all your time on everything but sales.

You know what I am talking about… your brand colors, job titles, SEO, or following people who promise to help you earn a bagillion dollars in a day.

Instead of putting together an offer, you might be spending your time complaining about how you are not making enough money.

And….if you have taken some action, you are procrastinating on your ten thousandth revision of your sales page or deciding on what to offer first.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it will take you time to perfect your offer.

If you want to sell out your services… people have to hire you or buy your things.

So don’t block the path for cash. Take action and put together an offer because money flows goes where energy goes.

2. You are not clear about your offer:

Therefore you are not confident so you don’t promote or sell it.

In order for our dream client to say yes to your services. They need to actually be clear, see value and relevancy and that instant desire to want to work with you right now.

Because people only buy things they need and they want.

That’s why even the most beautiful sales page won’t matter if your prospect doesn’t get it. Or if you get on a call with someone and they don’t get what you offer they won’t buy from you.

Think benefits, remove the cliche words and features and hone in on why you are the best fit.

  1. Your Offer is Crap

Quality matters. When you put an offer out to the market, it needs to hit the basic market readiness test.

Product testing is crucial. So if you are trying to leverage your services and launch an e course or some sort of passive income stream (which by the way is a massive myth) without testing it.  You might sell a few but you won’t build a strong income stream.

It’s okay to skip some of the steps but launching a crappy service will lead to having no one buy it, or for the few that do, the next time you release something people will think its crap.

Instead test out your offer, offer special packages for the beta clients. Perfect it. Make it excellent and then LEVERAGE your sales and sell to the masses.

You can do this by adding complimentary services or double or even tripling your rates. Because you give your clients what you promised them.

  1. Getting too caught up with passion vs practicality

The problem is that everyone preaches follow your passion and we get caught up with our ego that we forget to be practical.

So that’s why we don’t test, try or ask people REAL opinion. And when you get feedback our ego makes us defensive.

And the result = we fail and instead of asking what’s wrong with the services. We evaluate the launch strategy instead of the actual product.

Every business owner’s needs at least one person to tell you when you are epic or when you need to look at the strategy.

If you don’t have that person to help with your sales process, then apply here and let’s have a talk to see if we would be a good fit.

  1. You are trying to sell something that no one wants/needs

In college during my first marketing class ever. I had this impression that marketing was about making someone buy something that they don’t want or need.

And I remember my professor stating a fact. He said that is possible said “It’s a thousand times harder to educate someone who doesn’t know about a product/service or solution than someone who actually does”.

When you read about business owners that make 6 or 7 figures, think of how many people know that they need that service…

Maybe its design, videography, photography, copywriter…People need those services.

If you want to help people make make candy shaped house necklaces, you can invest in the best branded website, best copy and continue to build your audience.

Maybe it will change but it’s probably unlikely you will build a big business.

If you look at some major tech companies who are really innovating. They have raised VC money to educate the market.

Now if you don’t have the millions or billions and the team, it’s a lot easier to sell something people want or need right NOW.

  1. You are not doing anything to attract your ideal clients to you

Whatever your business is you need to constantly attracting new leads. This can’t be ignored or forgotten.

The world is always changing that’s why what worked 3 months ago, might not work today.

That’s just how the game goes in entrepreneurship. Attracting leads needs constant attention and this can’t be ignored or forgotten whether you are a solopreneur or a big multinational.

That’s why you see big companies constantly changing their promotional strategy, launching new campaigns, products & services and innovating to stay relevant in the market.

So even if you have evergreen programs that:

  • Solves a problem
  • Looks the part
  • YOU need to tell people about it and why they should care.

Are you attract your ideal prospects to you? Are you promoting yourself in front of your audience? Are you running challenges? webinars? Offering complimentary consults?

Then once your attract them, are you following up and selling to them.

These 6 reasons are the TRUTH!

This list is the truth. And if you see yourself in any one of the items below, I can 100% guarantee that THAT is the reason you aren’t making enough/any money.

So my Question to You:

What is one key action you will take to sell out your service?

Ready to build your sales confidence, then sign up for my FREE  10-day sales confidence challenge

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