Well i have postponed sharing this news with many people, just because i have been scared to admit it to myself! But as I have learnt numerous times, admitting it is always the first step.

I applied for National committee vice president of AIESEC Egypt.. and what can i say! If it wasn’t for tamer, if not for his manipulative ways i wouldn’t have applied, and if it wasnt for so many people believing that i could do the job, I wouldnt have done it. My heart goes our to Hadia and Miano, they were so helpful throughout it all. So in essence, this success is a shared one!

I am proud and really thankful, that i will get an amazing challenge to come back to! as well i get to re-in-tee-grate with one my favorite people- a sista from another mother [if i didnt love my mom soo much i would say i was her moms daughter, cause her mom is awesome] –whatever ill stop being a randomer and end it here–

Oh ya! really excited Andries is going to be a ceeder for the MC in Egypt, which will be awesome.. trying to convince Letoya to do his traineeship here as well, Amani will be for summer holidays, and then we will have a mini-mapacha reunion, with Amani coming in the summer..

It should be awesome! Oh a little piece of my heart will always be in Kenya!

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