Everything starts somewhere: Starbucks

I have followed my own advise when I moved from Cairo to Vancouver two weeks ago. I explored my new surroundings, found a place to call home my 10 months here and have, started a life from scratch. Even though I’m still in the process of my 10 month here, I can now check off living in a another country off my Bucket List.

No matter the passion though, the thought of living so far from home and those I love and know and that love and know me, it is unsettling to know those comfort people were not going to be close by. However, I have reprieve with my best friend Noozi now! She has moved to Seattle Washington and is only a 2 hour trip by bus from my new home in Vancouver.

I took a trip to Seattle to see her and it was absolute amazing. She is attending the University of Washington and the campus is just beautiful. This beautiful campus seems to be a city within a city and I am enjoying and taking in very bit of it I can with my usual passion.

Of course, anyone that visits Seattle has to visit the original Starbucks, right? Even though I am not a fan of the now famous Starbucks, it is still fascinating to me when I think about how this business started 40 years ago in this very spot I am standing in. While it was a local place that only the local knew about, it now sits on just about every corner of every sizable city in countries everywhere!

As many others do I’m sure, I wonder just exactly what it was that made this business the success it is today. If I were to add another item to my Bucket List and want to create something, to establish something that reached millions in this world as Starbucks has, could I? What it would it be?

Becoming an entrepreneur is now on my Bucket List! This is something that I believe I want to accomplish! I’m just not sure what my business will be about yet. But as everything else on my Bucket List, once I have it found it, I will go after it with all my hunger and passion!


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