Another year has come and gone. 2011 has been a fabulous year, where I have been able to connect with some old friends and make new ones. I have been truly blessed to have such great people in my life.

I then moved to Madrid for my masters at IE Business School. I arrived. I looked outside. The tree in front my living room was bare with no leaves to cover it. This year started off as that tree, empty with no expectations. At the beginning of the year I was able to challenge myself, with some good friends and my girls to complete a duathlon. Got to watch the whole Middle East men and women stand up for what they believed.

Throughout the year the experience transformed. My experiences started to fill up my tree. From observing and understanding cultural differences, to appreciating various life stories and to understanding everyone suffers with some sort insecurities with themselves. To meeting some great friends and family (miss you Jonathan and Evy so much already). I got to celebrate some life changing experience with Amy, Hazem, Lina, Ismail, Heba, Selma and Markus. As well as to welcome the beautiful new people who have joined the world Adam, Ismail, Mia, Hayden, Isabel Britt and Daniel. I was happy to see a bigger Gone Cyclin’ expedition take place and was honored to be awarded AIESEC top 40 alumni under 40.

My tree got full and eventually blossomed. But like every good book, its end and my tree looks bare again waiting to start at the beginning. For my friends and professors from IE, thanks for making this year interesting. For my other friends around the world, I’m sure our path will cross again, as our playground world gets smaller. I will be in Madrid for another year, please drop me a line if you are in town. I will continue to coach people to come closer to their goals and grow to their potential. To more dreams and more things ticked off my bucket list.

Dream of the forests we will create and I hope all your dreams come true.

A little message I thought to circulate:

“Missing someone?….Call
Wanna meet?….. Invite
Wanna be understood?…Explain
Have question ?…..Ask
Don’t like it?……Say it
Like it?…….State it
Want something?….Ask for it
Nobody will know what’s going in your mind…..
Its better to express rather than to expect…..
If you already have the NO…Take the risk of getting the YES!!!
We just have ONE LIFE
Keep it Simple ☺

Happy New Year 2012”




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