Last week, my friend and I attended our first Ladies Workout party. It was a club filled with ladies jamming to great tracks of the late eighties and early nineties. We had a great instructor called Mr Motivator who is this Jamaican living in the UK who has an extremely outrageous sense of style.

The energy was electric, we hunted Mr Motivator down for a photo while he was doing an interview. His positivity was contagious as he shared his passion for encouraging people to live more healthy lives.

The things I admired him for was that he loved himself, didn’t mind making people laugh at his expense, and made sure that he was doing something he believed in. He said that every morning, he says good morning to everyone he sees, and for the ones who don’t response, he looks at them and says MISERABLE!

What happened to the everyday interactions that people used to have? Now the interactions are taking place with people’s laptops, bb, iphone, and any other electronic device.

Wouldn’t it awesome if everyone loved themselves a little more, interacted with people and behaved a little more human? The world could be a very happy place

Enjoy photos here
Remember to : Smile 🙂
Be courteous &
Peace Out

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