Interesting Week

A couple of interesting things happened this week. I had a refreshing break since the interns arrive, and it made me realize how much I appreciate my personal time.

I spent a couple of the time off with Raz and Naz, writing some interesting random stories of friendship at our cafe in Mohandeseen and of course buying out NASA.

I hosted two trainees till their flat got ready, one of which was Kaitlin, an absolutely doll, she ended up staying two nights with me, and I took her see Choueifat graduation ceremony and a wedding before meeting the other Salaamers at AUC After Grad party..

Today was interesting, beacuse going to the travel agency made me realize that I am going on exchange. Planning the next year of my life with a ticket is a little bit weird. Highlight is I am going to london on the 24ths for 4 days before i get to Vancouver[aka HongCouver]. My mother hasnt realized how I have mixed feelings about this upcoming year, and instead she insists I should extend my flight, saying after a year I won’t want to come back. So im staying there 20 days after i am done with school coming back on the 20th of May… My God how i am going to miss my family, my home, my friends, my streets and my people!

Seeing Ahmed, Hatim and Ziad graduate made me realized I finished High School three years ago, it seems quit along time ago. How time flies. Its amazing seeing ambititous students embarking on their adventure. And how can I forget Choueifat’s pride and joy Hatim going off on a full scholarship to Harvard!! His changed his graduation speech to sound very Marxist encouraging students and parents to influence the school to revolutionize their system. Our principal’s face went white.

Another highlight aws taking Nadia a greek girl and Kaitlin to a henna night, which is basically an excuse for ladies to party together belly dancing the night away. This henna night was interesting because all the ladies wore belly dancing outfits. So what is up with the henna thing, and where did it come from?

“the earliest written artifact that mentions henna being used specifically as an adornment for a bride or women’s special occassion is in the Ugaritic legand of Baal and Anath, inscibed on a tablet from about 2100 BC, from north west Syria!! Anath was a goddess of fertility and battle. In the legand she had adorned her hands with henna before battle, and brides ornamented their hands with henna as a preparation of their wedding. As henna is mentioned as a part of a legand, may be inferred that henna was in use by the Ugaritic people, as a bridal tradition, and as a women’s celebratory cosmetic along the easter coast of teh mediterraneon for many centuries prior to 2000 BC.

When Islam began in the 6th-7th century AD, henna was incoporated into the customs of Muslims from the western Middle Eastern women’s henna traditions that were widespread and long established. As Islam expanded quickly into other countries. the use of henna went with it”

more information check out

The After-Graduation party for AUC was huge.. It was hilarious when some AIESECers start dancing a role call on the dance for!! It was even funnier when people were imitating them!!


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