Life is tough, but it gets easier

Yesterday was a beautiful milestone for both myself and Gone Cyclin’. Like reaching most milestones, it brought me back to a place which now seem so foreign, an older version of me. A place where I was unaware of how capable my body is.

Life is really accidental, two years ago I decided to climb South East Asia tallest summit, I couldn’t reserve a place, so I let it go. A couple of months, an opportunity arose to climb again and as part of the training, I organized a trip to Mount Ophir where Ashwin shared a story of four girls who took part in Timor to raise funds for charity.

Without even knowing what I was getting myself into, we embarked on growing Gone Cyclin’ journey with this crazy idea to inspire young people to challenge themselves and create sustainable change. In the process sports have become an integral part of my lifestyle; I discovered the relationship of both the mind and body, without one, the other can not thrive. I met some of the most remarkable people who inspired to believe that your body is a vehicle that you direct and its not limited by age, but driven by the discipline, focus and commitment.

The idea who started as a discussion has grown, and I see it around me with strangers and friends who allow me to convince to take up physical challenges from triathlons, to half marathons and soon to be duathlons. We are in control our mind and body. And the lesson I learnt from meeting Dumbledore Ted, anything in life is tough, but practice makes it easier.

The beauty lies in there is never going to be one path, but the important thing is that we allow us the room to fail, and from that the opportunity we will raise to become more that we have anticipated to achieve.

Thanks to my mom, family and friends, because without your constant reminders I would not have achieved what I have today.

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