10 Simple Things that Lonely Island Can Teach You about lifestyle design!

So time is limited and you only live once. Perhaps the battle of our generation is looking for that meaning, that something, or perhaps nothing?

10 Simple Ways of How You Can Have a Lifestyle Design to Fit the Status Quo, be normal, unmemorable and unremarkable!

Don’t Be Yourself

Ensure you have a lifestyle design that you hide your interests and make sure no one knows you, your hobbies and your story. Don’t share your jokes because people won’t get them. Don’t share your quirky habits because people will think you’re weird. Don’t share your passion, better yet don’t have any. Perhaps Walt Disney would disagree when he was creating Disneyland, but hey, he’s an outlier.

Don’t Dream

Ensure you have a lifestyle design where you are realistic and don’t dream. Dreaming is for children, wake up and be an adult. Perhaps the Wright brothers would disagree when they wanted to fly, but hey, they are outliers.

Don’t Love Your Job

Ensure you have a lifestyle design where you get a normal job. Spend 40, 60, 80 hours a week sitting at a desk unhappy with your work. Bitch about it to everyone or just stay complacent and say ‘this is as good as it gets’. Read the news even if you don’t care. Attend meetings that make no impact. Don’t fight for issues you care about, instead focus on getting everyone’s attention. Blame someone when you messed up and take credit when there are results. Don’t ask your international colleagues in the office about themselves or where they come from. Don’t share how you really feel, only give positive feedback and build networks to survive office politics. When all hell breakes lose, disappear. Perhaps Steve Jobs would disagree when building Apple, but hey, those are the outliers.

In case you haven’t watched this video? Check it out?

Don’t Really Do Work

Ensure you have a lifestyle design where you are completely unproductive. Say you don’t have time or that you are always busy. Really are you? Spend time thinking about things and do nothing. Spend hours everyday on facebook, twitter, instagram. Do have lots of coffee and cigarettes and spend your time lingering around. Don’t start the awesome project that you would love to start. Don’t write the book you would love to write. Don’t start the business or the lifestyle you dream of having. Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg would disagree with Facebook, but hey, he is an outlier.

Don’t Travel

Ensure you have a lifestyle design where you don’t book the dream holiday you would love to have. Don’t travel at all or maybe just once or twice in your life. Don’t go anywhere on an adventure, instead go somewhere safe like the North America, Europe and maybe even Australia? Be safe; never do anything other than an organized tour. Don’t speak to locals, don’t get lost…..and don’t eat in restaurants that don’t have an English Menu. Find your McDonalds, Pizza hut, KFC and Starbucks. Don’t use sign language to try to communicate and don’t try traveling somewhere alone. Perhaps Chris Guillabeau would disagree when he traveled to every country in the world, but hey, he is an outlier.

If you disagree, click to tweet ” travel to “different (places) from where you live..you have to learn to adapt.” – Chris Guillabeau

Don’t Care

Ensure you have a lifestyle design and you make everyone your acquaintance or colleague. Walk past strangers on the street and never stop to offer help. Don’t worry about world issues because the world clearly revolves around you! Make your partner the only relationship you invest in. Don’t invest in meaningful relationships, instead isolate yourself. Believe everything is a conspiracy, don’t trust anyone. Be too cool for school. Don’t do anything for anyone, it’s just not worth it. Perhaps Mother Teresa would disagree, but hey, she is an outlier.

Don’t Be Curious

Ensure you have a lifestyle design where you take life as it is; don’t question why you are here? Don’t question why things are the way they are? Don’t question your parents, god, government. They have been that way since as long as I remember. Don’t become an expert in anything. Do think that things used to be better when you were younger. Do make friends with people who are exactly like you. Everyone else is weird. Don’t try to learn another language, a hobby or a skill. Don’t try anything. Don’t try to fail. Go to School, college and even get an MBA because everyone told you that you should. Take classes you don’t care about. Don’t wonder about purpose and why some people decide to follow certain paths. Perhaps Davinci would disagree, but hey, he is an outlier.

Don’t Smile + Practice Gratitude

Ensure you have a lifestyle design where you don’t smile, don’t even express emotions and certainly don’t practice graciousness and gratefulness. Spend money on things that will give you momentary happiness, perhaps it’s the car, big house, and all the other things you haven’t even heard of yet because that’s how you impress people. Don’t focus on how you feel inside; just the outside things are good enough. Perhaps Gretchen Rubin would disagree, but hey, she is an outlier.

If you disagree, click to tweet ” Happiness is the meaning & purpose of life, the whole aim – Gretchen Rubin

Don’t Eat

Ensure you have a lifestyle design where you don’t try to eat different food, never try frogs, snails and crocodile. Eat your meat well done. Don’t eat too many things with calories. Don’t enjoy each bite and savor the flavours. Don’t try to make new recipes. Perhaps Jamie Oliver would disagree, but hey, he’s an outlier.

If you disagree, click to tweet “Food is life’s greatest joy” -Jaime Oliver

Don’t Worry, Be happy

Don’t worry about being part of the status quo. Everyone expects you to be. You will have an easier path because everyone living a normal life will agree with you.

You don’t have to want to change the world, but you can be awesome by breaking some of these rules. Want More Than This, Design Your Dream Life, Break the Rules! If you are ready, check out our new course on Lifestyle Design.

If you are inspired, share it, and share with us: ‘how are you going to break the rules?’

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