Little people, Big Dreams

Youth are the leaders of tomorrow, and sometimes people forget that. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon hearing some amazing young individuals share their impression, success, failures and philosophies of the world at Singapore TedxYouth.

I gained insights from a young entrepreneur who is now setting up his third business to a young lady who is six share her definition of kindness blew me away. I realized that as we transition from children to so called adults, we dont necessarily get wiser our overweight luggage makes us more fearful.

Even though I am aware that life is a struggle, and even older people struggle; we need to dream. I remember blogging about my childhood dreams last year and realizing the amazing part is whatever we truly want to achieve doesn’t really change. The baggage that we carry makes us de-load some of the things are important and focus on some of things that aren’t.

Seeing those young free spirits was but a reminder to focus on achieving your dreams.


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