Ode to Toots: My big fat lazy Garfield

Eight years ago someone had rescued a one week old kitten, a week later we adopted him. He was as small as a palm, so helpless, scared and so very beautiful.
My father was adamant about not having pets in the house, but we all knew our baby was staying. J
We hated
  • teaching him how to use the litter
  • how he damaged our furniture with his nails
  • dealing with fussy dietary needs
  • his arrogant, stubborn and obnoxious attitude

But feel in love with

  • his warmth and need to be spend time with people he loved
  • his ability to do stupid things just to make us smile
  • how he enjoyed his own space reminding us to appreciate “me” time
  • his playfulness reminding us to take life easy
  • his ability to comfort us without words
  • his lifestyle that reminded us that food, water and a family is all you need to be happy
Today we lost that baby but definitely didn’t forget the lessons and joy he brought to our family.


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