Rain Rain Rain

It’s been raining all afternoon and now its about 12.09 and its raining. It never stops raining here, and to be quite honest it gets annoying sometimes. I am always wet, my pants get damp and Im always cold.

I guess thats part of living in a place that has reasons though, but today I like the sounds of the rain drops on my window. It gave me a soothing sensation while I’m cracking down my books and studying for my finals. Funnily enough this African song comes up on my playlist and I have no idea who the artist is but these are some of the lyrics.

Fall rain fall rain(x2)
Beautiful rain
Don’t disturb me…beautiful rain
Fall rain fall rain
Beautiful rain
Don’t disturb me…beautiful rain
Oh Come[never come] Oh Come[never come]

It hit me again how for some people what they find normal and dont appreciate others dont. I started to think about agricultural societies where they must wish for a portion of what it rains here to be able to grow their crops to have food to eat.

It gave me a new perspective and just made me realize we are so lucky and have so many blessings. From the roof, the food, the people around us, that its sometimes easy to take it for granted. I started to list down what I was grateful for and was happy with what I found.

Have you listed your blessings? Do you know how grateful you are?

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