SSS02: How to transform basic $97 offer into a $997 Sold Out Offering

SSS 02 Courtney Johnston

Are you launching a new offering and not sure if it will sell out?

Are you wondering how people sell out a service months in advance?

Are you looking to build your business around the solution to one core problem?

Then you are going to love this episode of the Sales Success Show. If it’s your first time watching, the Sales Success Show brings you  business owners who share what they do to grow their grow their business and close more sales.

In our second episode you will discover how Courtney took her signature offering from $97 to $997 in less than a year and how she has booked her service months in advance. (Sounds like a dream, am I right?!)

Courtney is a great example of the value of being more specific and constantly tweaking to make your offer the best one available on the market. (The extra benefits are that you can increase your prices because there is no doubt that people will get a good return on investment and refer boatloads of people to you ).

Our guest today is Courtney Johnston:

courtneyjohnston-large-52-300x300Courtney is the copywriting wizard at The Rule Breaker’s Club and the creator of the Sales Page Kit and Sales Page CPR. (By the way, this is my favorite service for writing my sales page. Sales Page CPR has 7X my conversion on my my signature program EARN 5K).

Plus, Courtney started The Rule Breaker’s Club from a closet-sized “apartment” in Paris in 2011 with nothing more than a B.A. in French and a rebellious attitude.

Since transforming from academic writing consultant to French tutor to résumé writing specialist to rule-breaking copywriter (with a few skipped steps in between), she’s worked with dozens and dozens of fabulous entrepreneurs and coached them to overcome the fear of putting yourself out there and declare your message.

Courtney makes sales writing fun and profitable. She is a master communicator in a simple and straightforward way.


Revenue Streams: (3)
Main Core offering:

  • Sales Page CPR
  • Sales Page Kit
  • Affiliate Sales





{Remember: If you want to hit your first 6 figures you typically need 2-3 revenue streams, if you want to do build a million dollar empire – you typically need 7 revenue streams! PS: You don’t create all these streams at once, you slowly add one revenue stream as you build your business. }


SSS2 Courtneys Trust Based Sales Funnel


  • Conversion of Entire List to Purchase : To calculate this number, you divide the number of customers with your full list. For example, if you have 500 people on your list and 5 people buy, that will mean 1% of your list are buyers.
  • Conversion of Interested Specific Segmented List: Instead of using your full list you focus on the people on your list who has opted up for a specific training/pdf/ event that leads up to your offer.


  • How being super specific in your lead magnet can lead to a 15% sales conversion,which is not typical for online marketing where the highest conversion is 5%.
  • It’s great to know the cost of acquiring a lead but it’s more important is to measure cost of acquiring a client.
  • The human brain is easily distracted so at minute 10:30 Courtney explains her Rainbow of Sales.
  • Most of the time we are held back because our own baggage (money blocks, fears) and Courtney can tell this by reading people’s copy.
  • How charging what you’re worth is absolutely bullsh*t.
  • At 19 minutes, Courtney walks you through the recipe of the sales page.
  • My favorite part: Stop expecting to be perfect! You are going to start off with a shitty first draft and even before that, you are going to start by being shitty.


Favorite Book:How to Win Friends & Influence People

Favorite Business Tool: Infusionsoft

Courtney’s Sales Wisdom: “Just use the formula, give people what they want and charge for it!”


Know your numbers: Use my free tool the Profit Calculator

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Turning Pro: Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life’s Work

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