Traveling Mindset

Recently my friend Susan shared with me a book which was basically a collaboration of powerful stories.

It provoked to think about all the amazing people I have an opportunity to meet and how never to underestimate how much people go through. From my parents, family members, friends and absolute stranger, no matter the scale of the problem we have the resilience to go through so much.

In the early hours of morning I went meteor gazing with a friend and in the midst of our conversations I realized that the state of mind I enjoy the most, is the traveling state; because of constant curiosity and always being opened to new things. It is not something that so difficult to do but we are always focused on meaningless things that we disregard the beautiful things around us.

Recently one of my projects at work is to organize the Long Service Award Ceremony, which is a day where my company celebrates our staff and also acknowledges those who are retiring. One of my favorite staff members Mr Oh is retiring this year, and the thing I love about him is his simplicity and positivity.

Today I decided to incorporate my ‘traveling mindset’ and heard the story of an old lady who I see walking the bridge couple of times a week. I usually smile at her, but today I said hello and asked her how her day was. I was delighted to find that she was happy, and thought of Mr Oh. Will this mindset be lost with our older generations? Well this 78 year old lady was going to Chinatown, where she goes ever night to feed the street cats. I have never heard of anything so lovely, and also very compassionate, to travel to a different part of the city to feed the street cats. It made me think of my granny, who shared that there is nothing for me to do, no friends to see because they are either sick or dead. I wondered if I was at that age who I would rather be. Never say there is tomorrow, we may not make it till tomorrow.

Think of the traveller in you and have a great day today. 😉

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