My second week here, first week in school, quite bizarre school here, people only take four courses here!! I was initially enrolled in six which is what i would be doing back in my beloved homeland Cairo, but apparently that is absolutely MAD!!

i have been on a job hunt, things here are a hell of alot more expensive, had my first interview today i have the next interview part of the interview next week!! Also may get an online job, im going to be attending a session tomorrow about it…

Sad my camera screen was cracked i sent it in to fix it but it will take 6-8 weeks to fix, how shitty is that!! i hope i get it back before spring, i cant wait to see the leaves change color!!

Had a very eventful weekend, the university invited all international students for a boat ride around the harbor, got to met loads of internationals, it was pretty wild all those nationalities in that boat.. Watching the sunrise from the boat was out of the world, Ill be uploading pictures when i get them!!

The next day some friends and I rented bikes and cycled through Stanley park (check out here It was great the weather was absolutely perfect!! There was also several totem parks, what was great was cycling past the harbor, all those boats, Im dying to go sailing soon!!! After that we headed down to Granville Island(check out here, we were meant to go see the festival but instead we went to the market which was great!! Had the best lunch i have had since i got here, one of the stalls were selling olives, homus, feta cheese amongst other things, we all bought different dips and fresh baked bread, it was such a mediterrean lunch!!

The next day i went down with my roomate to see UBC, initially cause we wanted a cheap afternoon and she had passes for the botantical garden, we ended up going for a walk around campus, which to my surprise i thought SFU was huge, UBC is gigantic..

We ended walking to the direction of the beach, which was great, cause for the first time in my life i saw sea otters, actually saw two of them and they were so close to the shore, it was great!!! We ended up walking along the shore cause we wanted to avoid the long path down when we realized we were in a nudey beach, when it hit me that my friend Willa who was studying at UBC had told me about it!! That was quite a surprise, and i wasnt as disgusted as i thought i would be, it was so unattractive when the majority of the people were old men, walking naked or with a shirt on…

Well after our little trip we decided to go through china town on our way home, which was great, saw all these things which reminded me of Singapore… All these fruits and spices…

Longan Rambutan(a.k.a hairy fruit) Mangosteen but nothing surprised me more than seeing durian my favorite known to foreigners as the smelly fruit for its distinct smell China town also had things i had never seen before, like dehydrated lizards which i found out today is used for medicine and is very nutritious or sea snakes, which chinese eat and use also for medical purposes. Need to go down to China town with some chinese.. Cool surprise!! I found out today i have a mentee, and ironically enough he is an AIESECer,hehe what are the chances..

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